Prophets and Saviors


The Rise of Buddhism

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A Prophet of Allah

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The Church of Latter Day Saints

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A Christian Savior

For those who study history, Jesus Christ is one of the most documented religious figures. He was born in an area controlled by Rome, and...

The religions of the world have had many prophets and saviors to guide their followers, and these special people have often played large roles in defining their particular religion. Each of them put a stamp on how people were to interpret sacred texts, or they became a figure to know within the framework of a particular religion. Some of them even transcended religions, and others claimed only their religion was one that would lead to the promise of a heavenly afterlife.

While no prophet or savior was always recognized during their life as such, many of them were able to gather a large following. Their words were written down and preserved by those who felt it was important to help those who followed to have a better understanding of the religion, and many of them are still considered to be important in the modern interpretation of the beliefs they set out for their people.