Prophets and Saviors

A Christian Savior


For those who study history, Jesus Christ is one of the most documented religious figures. He was born in an area controlled by Rome, and their records have acknowledged his existence and death. While he was born a Jew, he questioned everything about that particular religion as he grew toward manhood. When he became an adult, he gathered a large following of people who went through the land with him to gain converts to his belief system. While there are other religions that hail him as an important prophet, the Christian faith has labeled him a savior.

Traveling throughout the land, Christ and his followers brought a new religion to the people. His message was much less harsh than the Jewish religion, and many people found it more acceptable. He managed to convert many people, and he was eventually considered a threat by the Romans who ruled the area as conquerors. They sentenced him to death by crucifixion, and it elevated him in the eyes of his followers. Belief that he rose after three days of death has become a cornerstone of their religion, and it remains that way today.

The death of Christ gave his followers the claim that he was their savior, and they claimed their God had sent him to Earth as their savior. Through his teachings, they had found their way to salvation and heaven. It was a new religious belief that would flourish in the centuries ahead, and it spread widely once it was adopted as the official religion of the Roman Empire.

While neither the Jewish nor the Muslim religions accounted him as a savior, each of them acknowledged him as an important prophet within their own areas of faith. There was a brief time when an ecumenical movement was popular, but that has faded away in modern times.